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Why invest in a Pest Inspection

When you are looking to invest in property one of the most important steps before finalising the process is organising a pest inspection. You do not want any unexpected and unwelcome surprises once your deal is done. Undetected pest infestations can be incredibly costly and lead to degradation and structural damage. In some cases this ‘behind the scenes’ damage can be too great and costly to fix. It is therefore important that every home or building owner considers having an inspection, not just on the purchase of a property but periodically to ensure the ongoing integrity of its structure.


Hire a professional

Termite inspections are particularly necessary here in Brisbane with termites causing more damage to homes than storms. When it comes to the pest inspection, hiring a professional pest inspector is essential. This is their speciality; they are experienced and have developed an eye for identifying forms of infestation. Some infestations may not yet be visible to the eye, but with a professional on deck, identifying early signs and forms of infestation and nipping them in the bud is almost guaranteed. For lasting solutions, feel free to contact DR Building Services today and we’ll be more than happy to help you. We are committed to promoting structural integrity one building at a time.

Thermal Imaging Guarantee

As most infestations take place behind walls and ceilings, DR Building Services employ state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology to ensure our investigations are as accurate as possible. This way, identifying and managing any forms of pest infestation is guaranteed. The great thing about our pest inspection services is that they are fast and reliable. It takes at most, 48 hours for us to have one of our experienced inspectors come in, investigate your building and create a report concerning the state of your home or building. We will also provide you with digital photos of defects and problems that are found.

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Professional, Affordable, Reliable

As a pest inspection specialist, we strive to ensure that we arrive as promised and on time. Our services are both professional and affordable, with prices starting from as low as $460+GST.

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Whether you are looking for services and advice on pre-purchase building inspections, building and pest inspections, building inspections, pest inspections or information on our inspection process, we promise reliable advice based on years of experience. For your no-obligation free quote, give DR Building Services a call on 0418 730 399 or contact us via the quick enquiry form and we’ll get back to you straight away.

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