To assist in your enquiry, DR Building Services have listed answers to their most commonly asked questions about building and pest inspection services. We believe these to be among the most important questions you should ask of any pest inspection company before engaging their services.Are our inspectors licensed?
Yes, we are licensed in both building inspections and construction and are registered with the Queensland Building Construction Commission (QBCC).

Are we insured?
Yes, please click the link here to view our Certificate of Currency.

Do we climb into the roofs and other uncomfortable parts of the property?
We will always inspect the roof unless it is a flat roof where external inspection is only possible. We will always inspect every area of the property, unless it will leave permanent damage or unable due to a high volume of furniture or storage.

How quickly will I receive my report?
If you prefer the report emailed, we guarantee that you will receive your report via email within 48hrs; however in most cases we far exceed this timeframe. Otherwise, the report will be posted the following business day after the inspection. We always send a paper report, even if it is emailed.

What are the common things we look for?
Please refer to our common defects page for a list of commonly identified defects and potential problems.

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