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Why invest in a Building Inspection
When you are making the kind of financial and emotional investment that is required when purchasing a property it makes perfect sense that you should know exactly what you are buying.

While you can definitely get a feel for a place when you walk in the door, unless you possess ‘super powers’ you have no way of knowing what is going on behind the walls, inside the roof and under the structure.

Building Inspection
Building Inspection
Hire a professional
The best way to answer crucial questions like whether the structure is sound, is there termite activity, is the wiring safe, is there damp in the wall or asbestos anywhere, is to have the property professionally checked by a qualified and accredited builder who can provide a detailed building report on his findings. As a home owner or as a person looking to purchase a building or house, having a property inspection will be essential to ascertain whether or not it is stable enough to be inhabited. Structural defects could lead to your home or building losing value in the market. For peace of mind and to protect against financial losses and further investment it really is worth engaging a building inspection conducted by someone that is experienced and specialises in this time of detection.
Affordable Building Inspection
DR Building Services is a licensed and accredited property inspection company located in Holland Park, Brisbane. Managed and run by Derek Rhoades, DR Building Services is the company to approach when looking for professional building integrity, building defects, and pest infestation inspection solutions. With 40 years of experience, we stand out as one of the best structural inspection specialists in the Greater Brisbane Area. The great thing about our building inspection services is that they are the most favourably priced you will find anywhere. Starting from $380+GST, our service prices are much lower than most building inspections in Brisbane. We guarantee fast turnaround as our inspections, and a solution for the problems identified, are done within 48 hours.
Thermal Imaging Guarantee
When it comes to building inspection, we don’t just rely on experience. In addition DR Building Services employ state-of-the-art thermal imaging technology to ensure that most forms of defect and degradation are identified and addressed. We also provide you with Digital photos of defects and problems that are found.Common Defects
Wood rot, termite attack, hand rail spacing/heights, sub floor damp, leaking shower trays, roof and plumbing leaks and subterranean subsidence are some examples of the common defects that are often reported on during property inspections. Some of these examples are not structural defects, but if left unattended may cause future structural issues.DR Building Services also specialise in:

Professional, Affordable, Reliable
As a building inspection specialist, we strive to ensure that we arrive as promised and on time. Our services are both professional and affordable.

Want to Know More
Whether you are looking for services and advice on pre-purchase building inspections, building and pest inspections, building inspections, pest inspections or information on our inspection process, we promise reliable advice based on years of experience. For your no-obligation free quote, give DR Building Services a call on 0418 730 399 or contact us via the quick enquiry form and we’ll get back to you straight away.

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