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Okay, so you have been saving for years and just purchased a freestanding, attached or semi-attached dwelling or unit. You move in and are celebrating this new chapter when the hall way roof falls in after heavy rains. The sad news is this could have been avoided had you invested a little more in a professional building and pest inspection. DR Building Services is a licensed and accredited building and pest inspection company located in Holland Park, Brisbane. Managed and run by leading industry inspector, Derek Rhoades, DR Building Services is the company to approach when looking for professional building integrity, building defects, and pest infestation inspection solutions.


Experienced Professionals

With over 40 years of combined experience, we provide the most trustworthy and reliable building and pest inspection solutions in Brisbane. Construction experience is the key in identifying different structural issues. Having built well over 100 houses in our 40 years of existence, the experience we have attained over the years gives us the upper hand when it comes to identifying, reporting and taking care of any, and all, forms of defects on both new and old buildings and building products.Derek’s hands-on experience in the construction industry has proven to be an invaluable quality that has helped many improve the integrity of their homes.

Quality Building Inspection Solutions

As a Brisbane inspections company, we strive to provide clients with a professional and timely service. All our building and pest inspection services are handled within a 48 hour window to ensure any defects or infestations are identified and managed within the shortest time possible. To do this we employ the use of the latest technologically advanced Thermal Imaging cameras throughout our building and pest inspections.

DR Building Services also Specialise in:

  • Pre-purchase Building & Pest Inspections
  • Building & Pest Inspections

Guaranteed Results

Because we believe we are the best in building and pest inspection, Brisbane, we guaranteed our work and warranty this guarantee by insuring our services. If you are not satisfied with the solutions you get, you can always claim back your money.

Affordable Building and Pest Inspection Solutions

With our building and pest inspection services starting from $460+GST, we are the fairest top-rated building inspections company in Brisbane. No longer do you have to spend so much to get professional inspection solutions.

Want to Know More

Whether you are looking for services and advice on pre-purchase building inspections, building and pest inspections, building inspections, pest inspections or information on our inspection process, we promise reliable advice based on years of experience.

If you are looking to ensure that the structural integrity of your building is in good shape, then DR Building Services is the company to contact. Contact us today on 0418 730 399 or contact us via the quick enquiry form for more information or to get a free quote.

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"Was very throrough and knowledgable about building. It was reassuring to have his expertise for our purchase."
Ruan Van Der Linde

"Very knowledgeable and experienced on building, had a complete understanding of how houses are built and was able to relay info to me a layperson. Nice bloke too and easy to deal with."
Henry Callaghan

"Offered lots of great insights about the house, he obviously has a building background."
David Nguyen