We hear about organising a pre-purchase inspection or building and pest inspection before buying a home, but how many of us really understand the process or what’s involved? To understand why it’s important to have a house inspected by a qualified inspector, we first need to understand what’s being inspected and why.

Both Interior And Exterior Will Be Inspected

Both the exterior of the home in question as well as the interior are thoroughly inspected during a building and pest inspection. If access is possible then the roof space will also be inspected for things like possible leaks, mould and structural soundness. Walls will be checked for cracks, floors for structural soundness and damp. Windows and doors will also be looked at. Outside the home things such as tree roots causing damage to the home, rotting timber, potential fire hazards, signs of pest infestation. The roof will be checked for structural integrity, including tiles. It really depends on how thorough an inspection you want to book.

Deal breakers include things such as the following:

  • Major leaks and water penetration
  • Significant structural movement
  • Considerable deterioration of building materials
  • Major termite damage
  • Dangerous electrical wiring
  • Structural integrity is compromised
  • Unhealthy levels of damp and mould

What’s Involved

For the thorough detection of things like wood rot, termite infestation, leaks in roofs and plumbing, leaking shower trays or subterranean subsidence, then thermal imaging cameras should be used. The employment of this technology is the best way to be sure there is no damage or leaks. The naked eye can only spot so much. Modern technology really takes the inspection process to another level.

The inspection procedure can take anywhere from one to two hours, depending on the size of the home and the condition it’s in.

Book A Building And Pest Inspection

If you’re in or around Brisbane a building and pest inspection with DR Building Services. Our pre-purchase inspections are handled within a 48 hour window, and if you can be on site for the inspection, that’s even better; as we can explain the process and our findings as we go. If you can’t be present, a detailed report will be prepared for you. We are a member of HIA and are a licensed building and pest inspection company. Enjoy peace of mind by having the property thoroughly inspected before you decide to make the purchase.