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If you are looking for an affordable Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspections, Building and Pest Inspections, Building Inspections or Pest Inspections and solutions in Brisbane or its surrounding suburbs then we are the building services company for you. Please phone for a free no-obligation quote.

Get The Property Inspected Before Signing The Contract

If you went out to buy a second-hand car, chances are you would get a mechanic or someone from the RACQ to inspect it first to make sure everything was in good working order before buying it. The same goes for buying a home. A house is a much larger purchase than most...

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Do Your Own Research

A building and pest inspection is something generally done as a pre-purchase inspection before buying a home. It is to ensure the home is structurally sound and also not infested with termites. Your real estate agent will probably recommend someone to you (perhaps...

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Both Interior And Exterior Will Be Inspected

We hear about organising a pre-purchase inspection or building and pest inspection before buying a home, but how many of us really understand the process or what’s involved? To understand why it’s important to have a house inspected by a qualified inspector, we first...

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Customer Reviews

"Was very throrough and knowledgable about building. It was reassuring to have his expertise for our purchase."
Ruan Van Der Linde

"Very knowledgeable and experienced on building, had a complete understanding of how houses are built and was able to relay info to me a layperson. Nice bloke too and easy to deal with."
Henry Callaghan

"Offered lots of great insights about the house, he obviously has a building background."
David Nguyen